Drink Special:

World Cup Cocktail: Boco Loco Rum, Muddle Mint, Lime, and Raspberry Pure

Tonights Steak: Skirt Steak 

What's New

Graze is pleased to announce the addition of 3J Farms sustainable, humanely raised, antibiotic free, no hormone added chicken to the farm table. These 3J Chickens are raised using organic chicken feed and vegetable trimmings provided by the Graze farm kitchen. The birds are processed at the nearby USDA Westminister facility in Vermont and brought fresh to Graze the next day. This combination of unparalleled quality and freshness provides one of the most extraordinary dining opportunities in this industry today. Please join Chef Jeff Lewis as he prepared this culinary treat for your enjoyment. This is the essence of the "Farm Raised and House Made" experience, and can only be executed at the Graze table because we are a step beyond farm to table: "WE ARE THE FARMS TABLE."

GRAZE offers an exceptional dining experience in a warm, community focused bistro setting. Our offerings are prepared from the freshest locally and regionally produced foods, raised in a humane and sustainable environment. We know because we own the farm. Owned and operated by Three J Farms Graze is a unique opportunity to dine at an actual farm owned table. Three J Farms is a local USDA Certified grass fed beef producer, and a producer of humanely raised pork. The beef and pork are raised antibiotic free, with no hormones added. The meat is minimally processed at nearby Westminster Meats, a certified USDA processor, with no extenders, preservatives, or additives. The animals are raised, cared for, and provided for in a natural pasture environment free from the stress and conditions of the industrialized meat industry.

Guided by “The Graze Pledge” we are constantly searching for the highest quality local and regional food products. They are then prepared in the Graze kitchen for a dining experience that combines traditional farm heritage fare with more contemporary American cuisine.

Please join us at Graze, a step beyond farm to table, “WE ARE THE FARM TABLE”. Where your dining experience is “Farm Raised and House Made”.